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DZone Trend Reports provide software professionals with a current, forward-looking view of established and emerging technology trends to help them benchmark their organization and gain a competitive advantage through adoption of innovative solutions. ​ ​ Partner with DZone to produce our premier research publications and build trust with software professionals as a leading name in your space.​


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What’s Inside?

Trend Reports leverage the power of the DZone audience to project development trends. These reports are designed to help developers plan for the next 12-18 months by identifying emerging trends and solutions, enabling them to proactively drive corporate decision-making. ​

Industry Insights​

Each report includes key findings from a survey of relevant industry professionals revealing usage trends, preferences, attitudes, and purchasing habits. ​

Expert Content​

DZone Trend Reports feature insightful content written by industry experts to help software professionals grow their skills and understand the future of each technology.​

Solutions Directory

A valuable resource for readers considering new technology and tools for their organization, the Solutions Directory consolidates these choices backed by DZone's selection criteria.

Community Resources​

Reports contain various community resources pertaining to each technology, including podcasts, books, and DZone resources. ​

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“Trend Reports keep me up-to-date. It's hard to keep up with everything new happening in software — it's like drinking from a firehose — but Trend Reports do a good job distilling the main points down to a few pages.​” ​– Justin Albano, Software Engineer at Catalogic Software, Inc.​