White-Glove Sponsor Experience

Our enhanced sponsor experience will include multiple touchpoints pre-, during, and post-Trend Report launch to ensure you get the most from your investment in our research, including: ​

  • A dedicated campaign manager, who will provide sponsors with support and guidance throughout the trend report campaign.​
  • Eligible sponsors can include custom questions in DZone’s research survey​
  • Promotional materials, including a custom link, copy, and images, to help you share the co-sponsored report to your audience​
  • Post-campaign reporting

How Trend Reports Reach DZone Readers

Each Trend Report is promoted to DZone readers across DZone.com, newsletters, and social media:

  • Inclusion in 5-7 Daily Digest newsletters, reaching 98k subscribers​
  • Inclusion in 1 Weekly newsletter, reaching 300k members
  • ​2-4 Dedicated emails promoting the report to 150k subscribers​
  • Prominent and relevant onsite promotional placements and front-page features
  • Promotions across DZone social channels, reaching over 133k followers across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn​